Commission Terms and Conditions


Time payment plans with monthly payments are accepted with the approval of credit. Required to set up an account with C.S.Richmond Studios are the following:

Full name

Physical mailing address

Phone number

Email addresses

Names of other artists you have worked with in the past


I will gladly prep resins for you here in my studio. My prepping costs are outlined below. I have a small list of preppers who prep to my standards if you would like to send your item to a prepper. I do give a painting discount for items shipped to me already prepped...this is based on a case by case basis.


Stablemate..2"Hx2"L to 2.5"Hx2.5"L... prepping $70.00

Little Bits..3"Hx3"L to 3.5"Hx3.5"L... prepping $75.00

Classic ..4"Hx4"L to 5"Hx5"L.... prepping $80.00

Trad small..5.5"Hx5.5"L to 7.5"Hx7.5"L...prep $90 and up

Trad.. 8"Hx9"L to 11.5"Hx11.5"L...prep $95.00 and up

Trad EX Large..12"H + to 12"L +...prep $100.00 and up

Pricing is for resin material only..sorry I do not prep plastics but I have two plastic preppers I can suggest for you to use.....

The choice of preppers is yours, but please do be advised that I cannot guarantee paint work over the work of a prepper that you have used that I have not recommended

I am extremely picky about the prepped surface that I am to paint on due to the painting mediums I use and my technique. Inadequately prepped pieces would include sanding dust under the primer, seams and pinholes throughout the surface of the item, hair or dust visible in the primer, or sanding marks on the primers surface. Additional prep work the is required to be done by me due to inadequately prepped items it will be billed at $40 an hour/portion thereof.

Pieces must be prepped in white sandable primer or white spray gesso only.


Payment is accepted by Pay Pal  @ [email protected] or by US Postal Service Money Order, personal checks, certified checks, or cashier’s checks.

Mailed payments should be sent in a traceable manner. I can't be held responsible for payments lost in the mail.

You will be notified via email upon receipt of your model and all payments.


Your item will not be shipped until all shipping fees are paid in full.

All shipping is done via USPS, priority and signature required.  Insurance is required for all shipments, and will include the value of the model body plus the cost of the paintwork.

I cannot be held responsible for the piece after it is given to the USPS or other shipping carrier.

Keep all shipping materials until you determine that your piece has arrived safely. If damage occurs, I will help you with repair cost quotes.

International shipping is available, fully insured and full value will be declared. 

Minors must have a legal guardian make commission arrangements. No commissions will be accepted from minors without this written consent.


I have access to my email account throughout the day. My email address is [email protected] or [email protected]

Customers receive email updates on the progress of their order once painting/prepping has started. I frequently email photos of the progress as well....most of my commission projects are discussed in my studio blog posts as well.


Please help keep my paintwork original. I will gladly repair any damage which has occurred to my paintwork, including broken manes, tails and legs, at a low cost. Thank you!

PHOTOS ....Once the commissioned paintwork item is completed the customer will be sent the final portrait photos. These are the customers to use as they wish...for shows...etc.I ask that proper credit be given to C.S.Richmond Studios for the photos and that the C.S.R. copyright logo not be removed or covered up in any way.

CUSTOMER DEFAULT ON TIME PAYMENTS... payment is due on or before the 1st of each month.

Should customer fail to make a time payment by the 1st of the month ;

1) $20 late payment fee will be assessed to the customer’s account and the customer’s account will be considered in default. 

2) Notice will be given to customer that customer needs to bring his/her account out of default.

3) Customer has TWO WEEKS to bring their account out of default after notice of default is sent. 

4) Should customer fail to bring thier account out of default, customers item will be: a) primered over with white primer or b) if item is more than 50% completed (painting) the item will be held for wages due for work performed.

5) Customer will be given 30 days to pay return shipping on their default item. After 30 days non-payment of return shipping the item will be determined as abandoned and will become the property of C.S.Richmond Studios.

No refunds will be given on time payments in case of customer default. 


Notice will be given weeks in advance that your order is nearing completion.

Once your order is completed you have 7 days to pay your balance due, plus shipping fees, in full. Accounts paid after the 7 day time limit will incur a $20 late fee and notice will be sent to you requiring full payment of your total balance due within 14 days. Failure to pay all monies due on your past due account by the 14 day deadline will bring your account into default. Your completed item will then become property of C.S.Richmond Studios and will be placed up for sale.  All monies paid to C.S.Richmond Studios will be held as damages and are non-refundable.

C.S.Richmond Studios will make every effort to contact the customer once customer stops communication. Failure by customer to respond to several written and verbal communications for a maximum of 30 days will deem the customer’s item abandoned. The customer’s item will then become property of C.S.Richmond Studios. All monies paid to C.S.Richmond Studios are non-refundable in the case of customer non-communication.

Questions? Please email me @ [email protected] or [email protected]
Thank you all for your never ending support of my paintwork!
C.S.Richmond Studios